Friday, August 13, 2010

Ben Arfa threatens to quit football, unlikely.

The Ben Arfa saga continues. So far the lad has done very little to convince us that he has the type of attitude that we really want in the club, on the flip side he really wants to come to Newcastle which is a plus, kinda.

Arfa - Not Happy

Ben Arfa, who has failed up to training for a second day in a row, is insisting that unless he is allowed to move to Newcastle that he will not play football anymore. To be frank, what a load of shit. I doubt that a 23 year old earning the money he does is willing to throw it all away on the grounds that he couldnt move to the club that he wanted to.

The good side of this is that, it is clear that the lad wants to be playing in black and white next season, which might weigh Marseille's decision towards allowing the lad to move over, or, it could mean as punishment they will just let him rot in the reserves.

This is not the first time Ben Arfa has done this, which is worrying. He pulled the same stunt when he was at Lyon, refused to show up to training and instead arrived at the Marsielle training ground a week later without any consent from the parent club. Whether that will happen again is yet to be seen.

It is fair to say that this isnt the last time we will be hearing about this lad.

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