Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sol Campbell, honking on his crack pipe.

Whilst thrawling through the various media forums that present information on the club, I managed to stubble across a gem of an interview with good aul Sol Campbell. He spoke off how despite his honeymoon, he was doing all he could to stay fit and didn't waste time eating like a horse and in fact managed to stay at a good level of fitness, by constantly indulging in fitness related activities with his new wife.

Sol - Training the right hand impressively.

Anyway, in a nutshell he's done what every player does that every fan loves to hear...actually wait a minute, I promised myself I wouldn't write about these "kind of" stories when I set up this blog, you know you usual shit you hear from players. Here's a few from recent memory

  1. Harper - No Newcastle Regrets - Harper tell the fans how happy he is that he never left the club.
  2. Xisco- Aiming for Massive Comeback - so dont his insult his mother, because he'll put you down in front of your crew.
  3. Best - Focused on Magpies - Rather than bird watching he should be attempting to put the ball in the net.
  4. Ameobi - Pledges that he will score goals - That is within your job description as a striker. Well Done!
You know the stories I speak of, when players promise the fans something or when they pledge they will do this and that at the club. Ive, rambled, but Sol has stated that "there is no reason we shouldn't get into Europe this season", clearly his reference to "we" is him and his wife when they go for a weekend break to Malaga, because there is about as much chance of staying up (in the top 7) as an erection in Susan Boyle’s bedroom.

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