Friday, August 13, 2010

Ben Arfa threatens to quit football, unlikely.

The Ben Arfa saga continues. So far the lad has done very little to convince us that he has the type of attitude that we really want in the club, on the flip side he really wants to come to Newcastle which is a plus, kinda.

Arfa - Not Happy

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sol Campbell, honking on his crack pipe.

Whilst thrawling through the various media forums that present information on the club, I managed to stubble across a gem of an interview with good aul Sol Campbell. He spoke off how despite his honeymoon, he was doing all he could to stay fit and didn't waste time eating like a horse and in fact managed to stay at a good level of fitness, by constantly indulging in fitness related activities with his new wife.

Sol - Training the right hand impressively.

Jason Robert

It is clear that we need a good striker. We have six on the books, none of which I feel that could really make an impact on the Premiership. The most recent of "star studded" linkages has come in the form of Jason Roberts.

Jason Roberts - With a face only a mother could love.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Newcastle after another shit player...possibly.

Chris Hughton today announced he will bring some new faces into Newcastle United. Peter Beardsley has asked if he can have one.

Billy Knot - looking mighty daper.

Hatem Ben Arfa, signing...oh no no he's signing....ah one last thing.

Yes, the "rumor" that has gripped the fans at the moment...are we actually signing this fella or not? The short and long of it is, no-one knows.

Ben Arfa - running...with ball.

Since the saga begun there has been a lot of conflicting reports as to what is actually happening. So I decided to try and simplify things by putting forward the case from every angle there is possible.

Geordie Blog Open

For all the readers out there, and I know at the moment there are less than few. The Geordie Blog like most blogs dedicated to NUFC are a place to share opinions about news relating to club. (Be it good or bad).

I will post as much as I can on as much as I can whenever I can.

I will hunt through the internet on stories relating to the club so that you dont have to and try and sift through mere speculation so that, you, the fans, dont get upset when we never actually end up signing the players we were promised.

Posts to follow.