Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hatem Ben Arfa, signing...oh no no he's signing....ah one last thing.

Yes, the "rumor" that has gripped the fans at the moment...are we actually signing this fella or not? The short and long of it is, no-one knows.

Ben Arfa - running...with ball.

Since the saga begun there has been a lot of conflicting reports as to what is actually happening. So I decided to try and simplify things by putting forward the case from every angle there is possible.

(Negative) Newcastle Fans - Are team is rubbish we are going to get relagated again, no creativity etc etc
Rumor People - Newcastle manager very interested in signing Ben Arfa
(Coalition Government) Newcaslte Fans - This lad is a class act, but do we need another player with off the field problems?
(Optimistic) Newcastle Fans - Great news, we really need some creativity in the middle of the park, well done Hughton.
Frederic Guerra (Arfa's Agent) - AC Milan very interested, oh and so are...em..some club in... em... Scotland are interested aswell. (Frederic was never great at Geography).
Newcastle Manager - I am not interested in signing Ben Arfa
AC Milan - We cant sign Ben Arfa.
Frederic Guerra - "Did I say Scotland, sacre bleu,I was having how you English say,a laugh, Newcaslte United are a wonderful club, Hey Mike Ashley what's the french for Vah Vah Voom"
(Optimistic) (Slightly Down Sydromed) Newcastle Fans - With this lad we will make it to Europe this season.
Ben Arfa - I would love to play in England, because the club I really want to go to doesnt actually want me and I know Newcaslte will pay me better than Genoa and Parma because lets be honest, there a bit shit. (he didnt actually say that but im paraphrasing).
Rumor People - 1M loan deal to be complete, with an option to sign him permanently at the end of the season.
(Coalition Government) Newcaslte Fans - He's a great player but do we really need another player with off the field problems.
Marseille President -  Deal with Newcastle and Ben Arfa will be rapped up in two days.
Two Days later...
Hughton - Not interested, there has not been any formal contact with his club.
(Negative) Newcastle Fans - That fat, tight arsed, money grabbing bastard wont spend a penny on any players, were going to get relegated, and Hughton is about as much use and Anne Frank's drum kit.

So from my simple explanation I think I have cleared up the matter on the Ben Arfa saga nonetheless feel free to comment on what you think might happen next, think of it like News Night where you can text it your opinion, but unfortunately it wont have the same viewing figures, although like News Night most people wont give a shit about your opinion because their's matter more.

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