Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Newcastle after another shit player...possibly.

Chris Hughton today announced he will bring some new faces into Newcastle United. Peter Beardsley has asked if he can have one.

Billy Knot - looking mighty daper.

All joking aside, were after Billy Knott. Who? you might say. Yea, exactly who? Billy is 17, joined the Chelsea youth when he was 14, after leaving the West Ham youth system, he is also fond of long walks on the beach.

It has been said, by whom I dont know, but it has been said...honest, that Billy is very competitive and has a great footballing brain and that he abnormally fast for someone that bears white pigmentation of the skin. Billy has been compared to Frank Lampard, only no where near as good otherwise he would still be at Chelsea.

Last season he played on 14 occasions for the Chelsea youth side and managed to score 5 goals, all of which were very Frank Lampdish.

Just a side note, he's already been on trial with a couple of League One teams who have yet to make an offer. The future looks bright at Newcastle. All cynicism aside, he's probably about as much use as a marzipan dildo.

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